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Ask me anything   Hello All! My name is Courtney Lynn and this blog is devoted to exploring my undying love for television. This blog will have regular updates on my musings about my current and past favorite television shows. As an added bonus, I will also be uploading video blogs of me interviewing local, lovely Londoners about television.

The Nearly Perfect Mad Men

When people suggest that Mad Men is boring , I simply can’t understand it. I just finished season three, which was nearly perfect, and I’m about to start season four, which has been credited as being their best season. Every episode is so full of symbolism and character development — you can’t look away. Mad Men is so damn good. To me, it is one of the best shows I have ever seen. Why did I wait so long to catch up? I’m just happy I’ll be ready when their final season rolls around with part one of season seven. 

First off, the characters are insanely well written — especially the female characters. I honestly feel that this show is ultimately about the women and their journey. Maybe it’s a stretch that it’s ultimately about women, but really - they have the best storylines and character development by far. I haven’t spoken to people in the “real world” about MM yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Betty Draper experienced the “Skyler White Effect” where characters irrationally hate her. To me, both Skyler and Betty are incredible characters and don’t deserve any hate. After what their husbands have put them through, yeah I would say they are reacting like any normal human being would. But Betty is probably my favorite character. Seeing her develop through the seasons, and when she finally left Don, heck yeah. “I kissed you yesterday and felt nothing”. But I will admit that scene where Don and Betty tell their kids that Don is moving out, that was so sad and familiar. When Don is with his kids, or Peggy, that is about the only time I feel compassion from him.

Speaking of Peggy, goodness! Now that is character development. She always says the right things, especially to Don. He thought he could boss her around and I loved in the S3 finale when she was like basically like nope, I’m not someone you can push around and then take credit for my work. But I love that she is joining the new agency with them. And Joan too! There wasn’t enough Joan this season. However, one of the highlights of this season was when she threw the vase at her husband. Good girl.

But along with the complex female characters, I think Don and Pete are pretty complex too. Roger is probably the least complex of them all, but those men - while infuriating - they are definitely complex. Don is a good character. I don’t like him most of the time, but he’s definitely a great character. And Jon Hamm plays him flawlessly. 

So I am very, very pleased with Mad Men and I’m so happy I can watch the final season with everyone else. I know people haven’t thought the last seasons are that great, I can’t say cause I haven’t seen, but I hope MM ends on a high note. Furthermore, Jon Hamm needs an Emmy. He won’t win next year because Bryan Cranston will surely, and deservedly so, win. But maybe in 2015!

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It Was a Good Year for Women on TV →

Awesome article, definitely a wonderful read. I’m ready for 2014.

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            Fandom used to be an entirely different creature. Before the internet, fandom was all about physically interacting with other fans to demonstrate how big of a fan you were. Whether you were traveling across the country to attend a specific convention, handing out newsletters, or picking up a fandom centered magazine, it was all about physicality. It was the only way to communicate with people.

            However, with the rise of the internet, fandom followed an extremely different path. While conventions, like Comic Con, are still cultural events, and there are a few fandom magazines that still exist, for example the “Doctor Who Magazine” which has been running for 50 years and is the longest running TV-tie in magazine to exist, fandom is much less about the face-to-face interaction. Everything is virtual and instant—information is constantly being produced and sent to the masses. The internet has allowed for chatrooms, forums, blogs, and more that can be entirely dedicated to a particular fandom. The internet has expanded the fandom universe into a never-ending group experiment. A person can talk about their favorite book, television show, film, comic, etc. at any time of the day, for however long they want, and with anyone they want. The possibilities are endless.

            On a daily basis, I communicate with people from all around the world about my favorite fandoms. In the seventh grade, I started posting on a One Tree Hill forum called “OTHForums”. Much of my life was dedicated to going home and discussing past episodes, our favorite couples, and spoilers for upcoming episodes. When I learned that “spoilers” existed and that I could find out what was going to happen before an episode even aired, my life changed. I spent hours talking to people speculating what certain spoilers meant. I sometimes cared more about spoilers than the actual show.

            Furthermore, I cannot even express how much time I spent discussing my favorite couple with fellow fans. Whether we were discussing our favorite kisses or hugs, sharing fanvids from youtube, or making mix playlists for them, your OTP – One True Pairing – was a defining factor in your online persona. Honestly, it still is. No matter what forum or blog site I go to, the question of “Who is your OTP?” is still the most prominent. Some online users will simply not talk to you or attempt to start a fight with you because of who your OTP is—this is called “shipping wars”. Urban Dictionary defines “shipping” as: “Fandom uses this word as a verb to denote their interest in the possible (and perhaps more often impossible) romantic relationship between two characters in a piece of fiction belonging to any medium”. So as a proud, active member of,, and other online blogs and forums, I can say that “shipping” is the best, but also the worst part about fandom. Yes, you can find beautiful fanarts, fanvids, fanfiction, and more dedicated to your couple and discuss your OTP for hours with other fans that truly care, but sometimes it can be extremely frustrating. There were many times I just wanted to stop reading other people’s opinions online  because I saw positive posts about a particular Gossip Girl (2007-2012) couple, Chuck and Blair, or saw nasty comments exchanged between rivalry shippers. But if you’re going to be part of online fandom you must know that for the amount of people you agree with, there is always an equal amount of people that you will never agree with.

            However, when fandom needs to come together—it does with full ferocity. Even if you have a thousand varying opinions about the same show, you all still love the show. For example, almost seven years ago when Veronica Mars was tragically cancelled, due to low ratings on The CW, all the fans of the cult series banded together to save their show. Marshmallows (an inside joke in the Veronica Mars fandom, “You’re a marshmallow, Veronica Mars” (Pilot)), were sent to The CW offices, multiple petitions were passed around the internet, and an overwhelming call for a movie was heard throughout Hollywood. One could not watch an interview with one of the actors from Veronica Mars and not have the Veronica Mars Movie be mentioned. Fans never lost hope, and neither did the actors. Particularly Kristen Bell, who played the title character, never missed a chance to plea for Warner Brothers to fund a movie. This went on for six years, and then they finally listened.

            On March 13, 2013, Rob Thomas, the series creator, set up a Kickstarter page that asked for two million dollars to fund a Veronica Mars Movie. If the fans could raise two million dollars in a month the Warner Brothers would agree to make a movie. The fans were able to raise two million dollars—in eleven hours. In total, the Veronica Mars fandom raised 5.7 million dollars. The Veronica Mars Movie campaign made Kickstarter history, breaking records such raising a million dollars faster than any other campaign before or after it.

            Not only did the Veronica Mars Movie campaign break Kickstarter records, it also changed the way Hollywood can work. Fandom now is not just going online and talking with strangers about your favorite show—no, now fandom can raise money. A lot of money. A fandom now has an active role in what can happen to their favorite shows, movies, books, etc. They are a crucial part of the equation. It will be interesting to see where fandom takes us in the next couple of years because right now, it’s only continuing to grow.

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            In the summer of 2007, right before my freshman year of high school, I discovered Joss Whedon’s television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997-2003), and from that point on I have been absolutely fascinated with the roles and perception of women on television. Sarah Michelle Gellar’s Buffy Summers was an intelligent, physically strong, beautiful, vulnerable, and powerful young woman and someone that truly inspired me. Buffy was capable of fighting her own battles and being a leader, yet she was also comfortable with being vulnerable and exploring her insecurities. However, having a female character like Buffy was quite radical for television in 1997 when Buffy the Vampire Slayer premiered.  It was rare to have a leading lady, especially one as complex and multilayered as Buffy and the other women on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. While women are 51% of the population, to men’s 49%, women have been consistently under-presented on television.  In 1995, figures showed that “in television drama women are outnumbered by men 3:1 or 4:1, in cartoons women are outnumbered 10:1 and in soaps women are outnumbered by as much as 7:3 which is quite surprising when one considers that this genre of television viewing has a very high proportion of female audience.”  If women were shown on television during this time period, they were more than likely shown in a domestic setting and has underdeveloped wives—women who were just used to support their husbands and didn’t have complex storylines of their own.  This was the norm and not much was being done to fix the situation, and not until the late 1990s did television start to have complex, leading ladies.  . After the introduction of Buffy Summers, many other female-centric shows were developed, such as Sex and the City, Ally McBeal, and Alias. Buffy the Vampire Slayer started a trend that has only continued to grow.

            For this video blog session, I asked people what they thought women’s role on television is and how it has transformed and progressed over the years. The responses were deeply varied, as some said women were definitely more prominent than men on television and also seen in a better light than men, while some believe women are still seen in an extremely negative light despite some progress.  While I do agree that women have a long way to go before they escape stereotypical roles and being seen as objects in the media, I personally believe that women have progressed dramatically. Just the fact that there are so many shows with leading ladies is something that must be praised because thirty years ago this was extremely rare, if not impossible. I admit that women are not being “perfectly” presented on television, but at least they have a voice and are developing as complex characters. And besides, who knows what a perfect presentation of women would even mean?

            While I don’t have exact statistics on how much women are being portrayed on television, by reading through many different television blogs and through my personal viewing experiences, I do believe progress is being made. As described in Willa Paskin’s 2013 Slate article “A Good Time for TV Ladies”, not only are women dominating much of the television landscape, they are also breaking boundaries and playing a variety of different characters.  For example, there is Scandal’s (2012-Present) superwoman Olivia Pope, played by Kerry Washington, who is constantly saving the day and fixing D.C.’s problems. Additionally, it must be noted that Olivia is responsible for fixing the problems of some of the most powerful men in the world. Then there is the FOX comedy New Girl (2001-Present) which has Zooey Deschanel playing the lead character of Jessica Day who is completely different than Scandal’s Olivia Pope, but is equally as independent and complex. Jessica is cute and adorable, which could be seen as anti-feminist, but instead Jess completely embraces who she is and stays true to herself despite what others say. In fact, both the writers of Scandal and New Girl have brought up the treatment of women in the media in several episodes of their respective series (watch here to see Scandal attack sexism  Furthermore, there are prominent female characters on male centric shows like Mad Men (2007-Present), Game of Thrones (2011-Present), and Breaking Bad (2006-2013) that continue to be explored and developed as individual characters. Additionally, shows like Homeland (2011-Present)and The Americans (2013-Present) have continued the ground-breaking trend, started by Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997-203), Prime Suspect (1991-2006), and Alias (2001-2006), of women taking over typical male roles, such as a CIA agent, spy, detective, or superhero.

            While there is still much more progress to be made in the television landscape for women, since there are still an abundance of women on television that only have storylines that revolve around men or are seen as overly-emotional weaker character, I still think it is safe to say television is heading in the right direction. I think it is important to remember that real women have relationships and emotions and by having female characters deal with similar situations, it can often empower the female spectator—it allows them to relate and identity with female characters that have a voice in society. There is no set definition of what a woman is, so it is important that television presents many different types of women with respect on screen. 

            And as demonstrated by the variety of women that are now being represented on television, progress is definitely being made. Women are making an impact and developing on television, and I am excited to see how women factor into the television landscape in ten years. A powerful woman on television needs to be seen as the norm, not as the exception.

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Bahadur, Nina. “Women In The Media: Female TV And Film Characters Still Sidelined And Sexualized, Study Finds.” The Huffington Post., 13 Nov. 2012. Web. 14 Nov. 2013.

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                Hello everyone! I am officially welcoming you all to my American Girl in London: Video Blog series! After randomly, and perhaps quite awkwardly, walking up to strangers in Bloomsbury ad Russell Square Park, I was able to interview a few different people on “American Television Versus British Television”. While the responses were pretty much what I had expected to hear (Breaking Bad is the best show of all time, British remakes can be quite lackluster, and Downton is a success in America because Americans love fancy, British people), they still provided a good glimpse into what Londoners are thinking on the issue—well the ones that I could find that even watched television!

                My main concern with the “American Television Versus British Television” section was to determine if there really was a quality and/or cultural divide in programming. People in American often hear how “over the pond” television is much more intellectual and high-quality it is, yet it is quite interesting that through my interviews and personal experiences, it seems the world’s best quality television is actually American. People in Great Britain often pay a hundred dollars a month even to get American cable programs, such as the critically-acclaimed channel HBO, whose programs include The Sopranos, Game of Thrones, Sex and the City, and The Wire.[1]  Much of HBO’s programming has been regularly called the best in the world, due to its directing, writing, acting, producing, etc.  Additionally, programs that are even free or easily in reach to British viewers (20-60 dollar subscription/month), such as Community, Breaking Bad, Lost, Battlestar Galactica, and Mad Men, are viewed as some of the best television in the world due to their overwhelming critical acclaim and Emmy Awards wins (just like HBO programs). While I am not denying that British television has many wonderful programs, and that I even may be a tad biased, but I think people from all around the world can respect the idea that American television keeps getting better and pushing boundaries for what a television’s narrative can be.

                Another topic I was interested in exploring was how well British television remakes translate over in America.  Since my “cool” American friends always complain about how lame the American remakes are of their favorite British programs, I was interested in seeing if British people felt the same way. The general consensus was that while not all American remakes are awful, such as The Office, that most lose the British humor and feel of the show, like the MTV remake of E4’s Skins.  American remakes like The Office were commercially and critically successful in America because they were able to fit the show to American audiences, yet also keep the essence of British humor—however, it must be noted that there is still debate over which version is better.[2]

                While opinions will always be divided over which nation has better television, I think the debate opens up a good and worthy discussion on what appeals to different audiences,  why certain audiences enjoy certain programs, and how television is changing throughout the world. 

[1] Angela. “British vs. American Television: Is One Really Better?” With An Accent. N.p., 13 Aug. 2012. Web. 25 Oct. 2013.

[2] Plumb, Ali. “Why The US Office Is Undeniably Better Than The Original | The Empire Blog.” Why The US Office Is Undeniably Better Than The Original | The Empire Blog., 27 Apr. 2011. Web. 25 Oct. 2013.

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The Good Wife is on Fire

If you’re not watching The Good Wife, you are truly missing out on one of the best shows television has ever had. This season is on fire, absolutely on fire.The anticipation for next week is killing me, everything is about to explode. Every character’s world is changing, and the writers are doing a beautiful job at showing all the emotions. Please, just watch this show — all of it, from the very beginning. This season may even be its best. It is so incredible, no words. 

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So Scandalous

I just have to say it, and I’ll say it proudly - Scandal is awesome. Never in a million years would I have guessed that I would be this into Scandal. This show is damn good. While it can be over-dramatic, the show does an incredible job of sucking you into this world and by the end of the episode you are completely consumed. You’re totally invested by the time the credits roll.

I know Olivia/Fitz have a rapid fanbase, but honestly, Jake/Olivia is where it is at. I couldn’t help at the end of the episode tearing up when Jake was at her door and he collapsed into her. Just the idea that she was so intent on finding him, searching for him, goodness it gives me feelings. So many feelings. I just think Olivia/Fitz aren’t right for each other, they aren’t a healthy relationship. I think she could start over with Jake. I’m just really excited for their story even though I know they probably won’t end up together. But I’m so happy Scott Foley is a series regular, I’ll always love Noel. 

In terms of the gladiators, I of course am always loving Harrison. Give him more of a storyline! Abby is better this season too. I wonder if they’ll do a love triangle with Harrison, Abby, and David. Quinn annoys me as usual I just don’t really see her purpose in the show. And Huck is by far the most complex of them all, so I am always excited for his storylines. I did not like him pushing Olivia up against her car though, not one bit.

And lastly, the addition of Olivia’s Dad is probably one of the best things this show has ever done. The two of them are incredible, they are on fire. I am eagerly awaiting for more information on Olivia’s Mom - I have a feeling she is alive. I can feel Alias vibes already. 

So far this season is off to an awesome start. If you aren’t watching Scandal, you need to be. It’s the ultimate watercooler show. The first two seasons are on Netflix, so go watch! And it doesn’t hurt that Kerry Washington is absolutely amazing. So yes, go watch!

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I’ve Got Something to Sink my Teeth Into

Sorry that it has been awhile - due to having a horrible internet connection and traveling over the weekend, I haven’t had much time to blog. However, I’ve spent the past couple of days catching up, thank goodness, with my shows and in the next couple of days I’ll be posting a couple of reviews. I thought I would start off with The Vampire Diaries. 

For some reason, I can not stop loving this show - I really can’t. The quality isn’t as great as it was in season one, but I care about these characters. The characters have me coming back season after season. In all the death, love triangles, and craziness that is this show, I have grown to really love these characters and I want to watch their journeys. Seeing Caroline and Elena start college, it actually made me feel emotional, “they made it” as Caroline said. Sure their college dorm room is so unrealistic it’s laughable, but seeing them “growing up” and facing real life is really enjoyable for me to watch - especially since I’ve watched the show from the beginning. The ending scene where Caroline was crying and Elena was there for her, I love the friendships that this show has established and built up, especially theirs. And I’m missing Bonnie’s interactions with the girls too. It will be so sad when everyone finds out the truth and Elena has to lose another person. But Bonnie really can’t catch a break, that last scene was so heartbreaking. 

Now on to this pesky little love triangle, which I will admit has consumed my mind on several occasions. As some people know, I appreciate both pairings. In season one, I really cared for Stefan/Elena, but my heart completely belonged to Damon/Elena. I shipped Damon/Elena hardcore for quite some time, but somewhere along the way they started to feel forced for me. Stefan has always been my favorite character and seeing Stefan/Elena’s journey has made me grow to love them, so much. I will openly say that Stefan/Elena are one of my OTPs, for sure. So now that Damon/Elena are a couple and Stefan is heartbroken, I definitely have mixed feelings. A part of me finds Damon/Elena completely rewarding, their story has been a good one too and I’m happy for their fans. But unfortunately, a bigger part of me is annoyed by them - they feel forced, Elena has lost much of her character in their relationship, and something just feels off. I long for the days when Stefan and Elena stood by each other, respected each other. So I’m trying to  be positive — Stefan/Elena will eventually reconnect, and the build up is honestly the best part. Do I think SE will be endgame? I’m not sure, but I think they should be, I really do. So we’ll see where the love triangle will go because we all know it will never die.

But I think bringing college into the show was a great idea, they needed something to reinvent the show after their lackluster season four. Bringing in Elena’s family history is super interesting to me, so I am eager to see how this storyline plays out with her father. As for Silas, I am meh about him - just bring Stefan back. And as for the originals being gone, I’m pleased about that - they stopped being a real threat a long time ago, we needed a better villain. Is Silas much better? I’m not sure, but at least there is still some mystery left in him.

Overall, I thought the premiere was great and I’m super happy this show is back. It has a good mix of emotional drama and supernatural drama, so it always keeps you involved. And I’ve missed it dearly. I’ve missed Stefan dearly. So definitely tune in if you weren’t sure (because of love triangle stuff) because I think the show is headed in a good direction this season. 

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Everything is Ending…or is it just Beginning?

Thank goodness The Good Wife is back. This show is so underrated, it hurts. It is just so good. Everything about this show works and for the past four seasons it has continued to stay at the top of its game, and it seems season five will do just the same. The premiere was fantastic and you just know everything is building up and it is all going to explode.

Just from what we saw in the preview for the season, when everyone finds out that Alicia is leaving with Cary to start their own firm, it is going to be insane. There is just so much going on between Will and Alicia already on a personal level, and now she is going to leave the firm…their relationship never gets old. They have so much emotion going on underneath. I love how I can never fully tell what Alicia is thinking or feeling, Julianna Marguiles plays her perfectly. Just the look in her eyes, they say so much, but still leave you guessing. (Damn the Emmy snub!). 

I am conflicted over what I want Alicia to do with the firm. A part of me loves the dynamic we’re so used to with Will and Diane, yet I want to see this storyline explored. And I want more Cary, he is so underused it hurts. And on a sidenote, can we please explore Cary/Kalinda more, like why do the writers keep refusing to explore them correctly? But back to the new firm emerging and what we can hope for, can you imagine Alicia and Will against each other in trial? And now that Diane is most likely leaving to become a judge, what will happen to Lockhart & Gardener?  Everything is kind of falling apart, that is why I can’t wait for the reveal that Alicia is leaving.

Also, this show has the best guest stars. Like ever. I absolutely adore Melissa George from her Alias days - she just plays everything character in such a sexy, yet subtle way. I’m excited to see what they do with her character. I hope her and Peter don’t do anything, I don’t think they will. I personally love Peter and his devotion to Alicia and his family now. That is why I’m torn between Will/Alicia and Alicia/Peter because I honestly believe Peter adores Alicia…but I think Alicia needs someone like Will. At this point in her life, Alicia needs the challenge. 

But seriously, I am giddy right now thinking about this show. It is one of the best written shows I have watched, and this season seriously looks so good and intense. This episode was definitely the best premiere episode I’ve seen this television season. I wish more people appreciated the perfection that is this show. 

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Is the Magic Back?

So I caught up with my Sunday night ABC dramas and my first reaction is definitely more positive than I expected. To be honest, I think both Revenge and Once Upon a Time are past their prime. Their first seasons were amazing, but their second seasons failed miserably. But I will admit, that their premieres seem to be heading in a better direction. They weren’t amazing, but they definitely have me wanting more.

Out of the two, I think Once Upon a Time’s premiere was better. I love when the show focuses on the main characters and I loved seeing them all together fighting for the same cause. The beginning with the flashback to Emma giving birth to Henry, that actually had me tearing up. The show is at its best when it deals directly with the emotion of the original characters and their purpose. And I loved the final scene with Emma, bringing everyone together. Build up those relationships, make them more substantial. 

I think season two had a problem finding a purpose, that is why at the end they threw in those two “villains” , but it seems season three will actually have a substantial arch. I love that all three worlds are now colliding and it seems we’re hitting something deeper with what it means to have magic and what magic can do. 

For one thing, I am really curious what they are going to do with Emma romantically. Personally, I think Emma/August are soulmates and I am beyond peeved that August was turned back into a little boy. But if I can’t have August, I’d be good with Hook or Neal - but where will the show go? I mean it’s clear that Emma/Neal have a strong love, but the writers know that Hook/Emma have a growing fanbase. And their chemistry is definitely noticeable. So are we going to get the long-awaited love triangle that dramas always end up including? I just think the writers need to give Emma more of an emotional side because we always seem to get there and then it’s pulled away from us. We need more vulnerability from her, on a more consistent basis. Actually, if we’re being honest, we need more consistency from all the character. That would be nice. 

As for Revenge, I was confused by a lot of the premiere—maybe because I stopped paying attention towards the end of season two. There was just so much going on last season, and it just couldn’t hold my interest. But this season definitely seems to be moving away from everything that was going on in season two. I love the nod of them saying to never say the word “Initiative”, I had to laugh at that.

 I am actually very excited to see the Daniel/Emily wedding.I know they probably won’t ever become a genuine relationship, but I still really love them. It’s a shame that they won’t ever have a honest relationship (at least according to Emily Vancamp) because I think that would be a wonderful storyline, seeing Emily actually fall for Daniel even though he originally just a “prop” to her. Oh well. But I’m still excited to see how they get to their wedding day, when Daniel will find out the truth, and who shoots Emily. 

Jack annoys me, simple as that. He just isn’t that great of a character and him and Emily have no chemistry. Like what was that kiss? And he all of a sudden got really angry at her afterwords? However, I am glad that he is pushing her to move forward with her revenge. But can we move past them as a romantic pairing? Their relationship should be about much more than that - he is like her brother, in my opinion. 

Nolan is probably my favorite part of the show. It’s unfortunate he lost his company, but hopefully that means more of Nolan and Emily working together. Loved the final scene of them on the beach. Not only was there great music, but it showed how Emily can be her true self with him, and of course there was the reveal of 8/8. Good stuff. 

Well, I don’t really have much more to say about both premieres. Maybe as the season progresses I’ll have more meat to add to my reviews. But I’m excited for both of these shows —maybe it’s because I just love new television, but also it’s because I think both shows are trying to make amends for last season. 

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